Joining the Zoom Meeting with Audio-Only via a Telephone Call-In

You can join the meeting using just a telephone call-in, without using the Zoom app, if you would like. This works just like the “regular” conference line that we use for meetings, just that the telephone number and conference code is different.

Note: Unlike the typical “KHConf” conference line we use, Zoom might not have a local to your area dial-in number, so make sure you can dial a “long-distance” call without being charged. (FYI: most cell phone plans do not charge for long-distance calls).

To connect to the meeting:

  • Dial +1 646 558 8656 (other numbers are also available if needed)
  • When prompted, enter the “Meeting ID” that was provided to you by your service group overseer, followed by the # sign.
  • For “Participate ID“, just press the # sign.
  • You are now connected to the meeting. By default, all callers will be muted upon entry to the meeting.

Note: You can use *6 to Mute or Un-Mute yourself through the conference line, or you can use the Mute function of your phone.

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