Mac / PC – Change Zoom to Disable Maximizing Screen When Host Shares Screen

If a host or co-host shares their screen (for example, when playing pictures or media), by default the Zoom window will maximize, thus blocking the screen.

This is not ideal, as some want to see what’s on their screen (for example, a talk outline, notes, etc) and when Zoom maximizes, it will block what is on your screen.

To change this default behavior, follow the instructions below:

Changing Zoom Settings on Mac or PC

When in the Zoom app, click on the “Preferences” menu.

On a Mac
On a PC

De-Select the option “Enter Full screen when a participant shares screen“.

Also de-select the option “Maximize Zoom Window when a participant share screen“.

On a Mac

On a PC

You may want to apply the other settings as shown in the above screenshots for the best experience.

Close the Window to save your settings.

Now when someone shares their screen, the Zoom window will not maximize automatically.

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