Zoom Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online video and audio conferencing solution, accessible via a phone call, your computer, or via an app on your iPhone/Android mobile phone or tablet. The app is called “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” and can be downloaded from your phones’ App Store/Marketplace (see our instructions on how to install and join a zoom meeting here).

How do I access the meeting?

Access instructions will be sent out to the congregation. You can join a meeting by clicking the meeting link or going to join.zoom.us and entering the meeting ID.

Will the meeting have a streaming video?

Yes, the meeting will be broadcast with video. In order to watch the video portion of the meeting, you will need to join the Zoom session via your computer or via your iPhone/Android app.

Do I have to share my video?

No, you do not have to join the session with your video active. Even without your video active, you can still watch the meeting’s video.

When do I need to join the Zoom session?

We recommend joining between 5 and 10 minutes before the meeting starts so that you are ready for the meeting once it starts.

Can I join a test meeting to get familiar with Zoom?

Yes, you can join a test meeting at any time by going here: https://zoom.us/test

Can I comment at the meeting through Zoom?

Yes, many congregations are using the “Raise Hand” feature for commenting (please see the below question).

Can I or how do I raise my hand to comment?

Zoom has a feature called “Raise Hand” that gives a visible signal to the host that you have your hand raised and would like to comment. To see how to use the “Raise Hand” feature in Zoom, please see this article.

Will others be able to hear me on the Zoom session?

When you join the meeting, typically your line will be muted. However, you can also un-mute yourself if you need to.

Does each listener to the meeting need to dial-in or access Zoom?

No, unless you would like to for various reasons.

Do I have to watch the meeting with the video streaming enabled?

No, you do not have to connect to the meeting with the video streaming portion enabled. You can also use a dial-in number to join the Zoom session from any phone, much like the phone conference tie-in line that is typically used for the meeting. To see how to use this feature, please see this article.

I would like to clap, but how do I do this if I am muted?

Instead of clapping, let’s use “jazz hands” 👐 with your video webcam turned on so that everyone on the Zoom meeting can see it.

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