Using Zoom to Share Videos from JW Library on Apple iPad

This how-to article will show you how to share videos or other media while in a Zoom meeting from the JW Library app. For this How-to, the screenshots displayed are from an Apple iPad device. If you have a different device, don’t worry, your screen should be very similar.

Join a Zoom Meeting

For the purpose of this lesson, you will already need to have joined a Zoom meeting (or have started your own). Once you are in the Zoom meeting, proceed with the following steps.

Optional: If you need help with starting your own Zoom meeting, see this how-to article for a step-by-step guide:

Find the Video / Media You Want to Share

In the JW Library app, find the video or media that you would like to share via Zoom. In this example, we’ll use a video from lesson 1 of the book "Enjoy Life Forever!".

To share the video (or picture), tap on it to open the file.

If you are sharing a video, you will be prompted with an option to "Play" or "Download" the video. Typically you can use the "Play" option.

Once the video starts to play, press the "Pause" button. We will need to start sharing within the Zoom app first, then we’ll continue to play the video.

To switch over to the Zoom app, double-press (or press twice quickly) the "Home" button on your iPad. This will give you a window that will show all of the apps that are running. Select "Zoom" to get into that app.

Sharing Your Screen in Zoom

Within the Zoom app, to share your screen, click on the "Share Content" icon (1) near the top of the screen, then choose "Screen" (2).

On this screen, click on "Start Broadcast", which will start sharing your screen within Zoom.

Note: As the message states, all notifications and things on the screen will be visible by other participants on the Zoom meeting.

Your screen is now being shared within Zoom, and everything on your screen can be seen by the other attendee(s) on your Zoom meeting.

Tap on the white part of the screen to switch from the "Screen Broadcast" message.

Make sure that the "Share Device Audio" setting is set to "On", so that the sound is shared when you play videos.

Now, switch back over to the JW Library app.

Press the "Play" button on the video in the JW Library app.

The video will now be played through Zoom. Below is what it looks like for an attendee.

Once you are done sharing the video, you can stop sharing your screen. To do this, switch over to the Zoom app, then choose "Stop Share" near the top of the window.

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