JW Library v12.5 Now Supports Installation and Use on all Apple Silicon (M1 chip and newer) via macOS App Store

Woohoo! With the release of JW Library v12.5 (released October 14th, 2021) now supports installation and use on all Apple Silicon powered machines (M1 chip and newer) via the macOS App Store. This how-to will show you how simple of a process it is to get started.

JW Library 12.5 – What’s New

As shown under the “What’s New” section (or also in version history) in v12.5 of the JW Library app, the app now supports being natively installed on Mac computers with Apple silicon (M1 chip and newer).

To Begin – Searching the App Store

The begin, open the App Store app on your Mac. Next, type in “JW Library” into the search bar (1). Next, make sure that “iPhone & iPad Apps” is selected (2). Then, choose the “Get” button next to JW Library in order to install (3).

When installing from the App Store, you may be prompted for your Apple ID login and password (depending on your Mac settings).

Type in your Apple ID, and then enter your password when prompted.

Once installed, the App Store listing will now “Open” next to it. Click on “Open”.

The JW Library app will also now be shown under your macOS applications.

Accept Notifications

On first launch, you will be prompted to allow notifications from JW Library. Click on “Options” (1), then “Allow” (2).

JW Library will start and is now available for use. You will need to download various publications including the “Examining the Scriptures” and the Study Bible (under the Bible menu).

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