JW Library App on Windows Cannot Download Videos or Music and Shows No Download Location Available

I’ve seen a few times where JW Library cannot download videos or music which is because a download location is not available. This how-to will show you how to fix this issue.

The Error – “No Download Location Available”

When clicking on the “gear” icon (for Settings) within JW Library, scrolling down to “Download Videos To” and “Download Audio Programs To” are empty, with the error “No Download Location Available”.

Easy Fix #1 – Try This First

I have seen a few times that for whatever reason, the “JWLibrary” folder is not created automatically where it should be.

By default, JW Library uses 2 folders to store its media:

A) Your “Music” folder in a directory called: JWLibrary (no spaces)

B) Your “Videos” folder in a directory called: JWLibrary (no spaces)

Sometimes you can fix the “no download location” error by following these steps:

1) Open File Explorer on your PC

2) Click on the “Music” folder on the left-hand side. Create a new folder called: JWLibrary (with no spaces)

3) Next, click on the “Videos” folder on the left-hand side. Create a new folder called: JWLibrary (with no spaces)

4) If the JW Library app is open, exit out of it. Then start it again.

Sometimes this alone will fix the issue. If it does not, please proceed with the below steps.

If That Didn’t Work – Proceed with The Following Steps

I have also seen that the method that JW Library uses to figure out where to store its files is missing (for various reasons). So now we will need to fix these settings in Windows so that JW Library knows what to do.

1) Right-click in Windows File Explorer in the white part in the side-bar.

2) Choose “Show libraries”.

A list of “Libraries” will now be shown in the left-hand navigation bar.

Now we will need to get into the properties of both the “Music” library, and the “Videos” library.

1) Right-click “Music” under Libraries.

2) Choose “Properties”.

Notice that the library locations shown is empty. This is the problem that is causing JW Library to not understand where to put the media files at.

1) Click on the “Add” button.

1) Select the “Music” folder located on the left-hand navigation area. (Just the music folder, not the JWLibrary folder)

2) Select “Include Folder”.

Now the library location will be shown for Music.

1) Select “Ok”.

Repeat the Above Steps for the “Videos” Library

Repeat the above steps for the “Videos” Library and add the “Videos” folder to the Library.

Restart JW Library App

Once you have edited both libraries (Music and Videos), restart the JW Library app.


Once that has been done, in the JW Library app Settings, you should now see both the “Videos” location and the “Music” location as showing an option! Now you can successfully download media!

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