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JW Library v12.5 Now Supports Installation and Use on all Apple Silicon (M1 chip and newer) via macOS App Store

Woohoo! With the release of JW Library v12.5 (released October 14th, 2021) now supports installation and use on all Apple Silicon powered machines (M1 chip and newer) via the macOS App Store. This how-to will show you how simple of a process it is to get started.

How to Install the iOS version of JW Library on Apple M1 Machines running MacOS Big Sur 11.4 or Later

Apple has started to block loading the iOS version of applications (referred to as “side-loading”) that are not “flagged” with that support as of MacOS 11.3 (and later). This how-to will show you a workaround in order to get JW Library installed on an M1 powered Mac running MacOS 11.4 (or later). The below method […]

How-to Use the Zoom Raise Hand Feature

To be called on for a comment, you will need to use the “Raise Your Hand” option in Zoom, which will let the speaker know you have a comment. “Lowering Your Hand” signals to the speaker that you no longer want to comment. Note: If you are the meeting “host” or a “co-host”, you will […]

Mac / PC – Change Zoom to Disable Maximizing Screen When Host Shares Screen

If a host or co-host shares their screen (for example, when playing pictures or media), by default the Zoom window will maximize, thus blocking the screen. This is not ideal, as some want to see what’s on their screen (for example, a talk outline, notes, etc) and when Zoom maximizes, it will block what is […]

Zoom – Using the Attendee Controls During a Meeting

On a PC or Mac: When you join a Zoom meeting hosted by another user, you are considered an attendee. While participating in the meeting, you will have a few options within Zoom which we will discuss below. The attendee controls appear at the bottom of your screen if you’re not currently screen sharing. There […]

Sharing and Using Your Webcam Video with Zoom

On a Mac or a PC To share your video with the other attendees of the meeting, choose the webcam that you want to use by clicking on the up arrow next to the “Start Video” icon. Once you have selected the correct webcam, click on the “Start Video” icon. Your webcam is now active […]

Step by Step for Joining a Zoom Meeting from Various Devices

When you received the invitation info for the meeting, you will see the join link within the email or text message. This is a link that looks like If you did not receive a “link” and have only received a “Meeting ID” and a password, that is fine too. Just type the following into your […]

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